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August 19th, 2017

Solar Eclipse and Your Eyes

Solar Eclipse and Your Eyes


DON’T damage your eyes. View the solar eclipse safely.


The retina is the “screen” at the back of the eye containing light-sensitive cells that send impulses along the optic nerve to the brain.


Looking directly at the sun for even the shortest time can permanently damage the retina leaving a blind spot at its center. Looking directly at the sun is NOT safe even through sunglasses, several layers of negatives, through a camera, or while taking selfies.


The safest way to view an eclipse is through a pinhole projector. Making one is easy. It only requires two pieces of paper and a safety pin. STAND WITH YOUR BACK TO THE SUN. Then make a pinhole on one piece of paper and hold it in your RIGHT hand. Hold the second piece of paper in your LEFT hand farther away from you than the right hand. Then watch the projection of the eclipse on the paper in your LEFT hand.


There are two somewhat better ways to do this. The videos below explain how to do this.


The Erie County Medical Society wishes you happy and safe viewing of the solar eclipse.


Thomas Falasca, DO


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