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In April, over 100 physicians and medical students independently viewed the film Do No Harm, an expose about physician burnout and suicide. Then, we came together via Zoom to participate in a moderated roundtable discussion to share our opinions and reflect on the powerful film. I would like to thank Dr. Steve Levy, Dr. Chris Strzalka, Dr. Melanie Dunbar, and Ms. Selina Uglow for comprising our expert panel for the discussion. Multiple over-arching themes surfaced, including the persistence of “bully culture” during training, the difficulty of processing complex feelings like grief and loss in healthy ways, and the ever-present quest to find time for self care and maintain a healthy work-life balance. I think everyone who attended would agree that one of the take-home messages from the event was the need for us to support one another as colleagues and friends, in addition to working toward our own individual health. It is my sincere hope that this is not the last time we will come together to discuss these important topics.


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