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Is ECMS a doctor’s office or medical clinic?

The Erie County Medical Society has hundreds of physician members but is not a doctor’s office or medical clinic.

If you are seeking to make a medical appointment but are in financial difficulty, please consider contacting:

St. Paul’s Neighborhood Free Clinic
1608 Walnut St, Erie, PA 16502
(814) 454-8755


Community Health Net
Medical Center
1202 State St
Erie, PA 16501
(814) 454-4530

Is ECMS the same as the American Medical Association?

No. The Erie County Medical Society’s only formal affiliation is as a subdivision of the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED), in Harrisburg.


The Erie County Medical Society is separate from the American Medical Association, headquartered in Chicago; the American Osteopathic Medical Association, also headquartered in Chicago; and the Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association, headquartered in Harrisburg.


The Erie County Medical Society is also separate from any of the specialty organizations, such as the American College of Surgeons, the American College of Physicians, and the American Academy of Dermatology.


However, the Erie County Medical Society enjoys a good relationship with these other organizations and many of our members also belong to these other medical associations.

Is ECMS a political organization?

The Erie County Medical Society is not a political organization. It’s member physicians come from all political backgrounds. ECMS does not endorse any political party or political philosophy. Neither does it abstain from speaking out on matters of public health regardless of their political provenance

Is ECMS a subsidiary of a hospital system or insurance company?

No. Physicians associated with all hospitals in Erie County can be members of the Erie County Medical Society, but ECMS is an independent organization and is not a subsidiary of any hospital system or insurance company.

Is ECMS a part of the Erie County Health Department?

No, the Erie County Medical Society is not part of the Erie County Health Department or any other government organization. It does not issue judgments or citations and does not carry out inspections or investigations. The ECMS is an organization that provides health information to the public and practical information to its member physicians.

Who may become a member of ECMS?

Membership in the Erie County Medical Society is open to all MDs and DOs in good standing with their state medical board and who accept dual membership in the ECMS and its affiliate, the Pennsylvania Medical Society. Members pay dues to finance the educational and support services of the society.

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